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The tour begins with the pick up at the Hotels, taking clients on a journey to the archaeological zone of approximately 20 to 25 minutes, upon reaching the area we will start the tour where we will admire the Great Plaza with its ceremonial buildings, among which The following stand out: The Ball Court, the S building or Monte Alban Palace, the southern platform in whose lower angles there are replicas of the stelae carved in situ, the so-called observatory or J building, unique in its kind in Mesoamerica, the imposing platform de los Danzantes, in addition to the large number of Mounds in the Center of this plaza, and at the top of the main or north platform, it is a strategic point to observe the panoramic view of the Ceremonial Center.

CONTINUED, with the visit to the town of ARRAZOLA XOXO, the wood carving is an ancestral tradition of the Zapotecs, which reaches its maximum expression with the elaboration of the alebrijes; Unreal and magical pieces from the imagination of the Oaxacan artisan, the alebrijes represent the innovative and unreal spirit of the Oaxacan soul through the formation of figures obtained after manual carving and painting. Alebrije "is a word in Caló (adopted gypsy language) that means" difficult entangled thing and of a confusing or fantastic type ", and Arrazola is a Basque name that must have been the encomendero of the area, San Antonio Arrazola, we will continue with the visit to the Ex-convent of CUILAPAM DE GUERRERO, in the Central Valley region of Oaxaca. It is a 16th century building, of impressive dimensions, but it was never completed. Among its most characteristic architectural spaces is an open chapel, a type of religious construction characteristic of the first years after the conquest of Mexico, designed with the purpose of bringing together a greater number of indigenous people to convert to Catholicism. the buildings of Oaxaca, the convent of Cuilápam was made with carved quarry by indigenous artisans.

Visit to the town of SAN BARTOLO COYOTEPEC, Pottery has long become one of the most important activities, in this sense the world famous and sought-after Black Clay stands out. Originally from the San Bartolo Coyotepec community, black clay is distinguished by its metallic black finish. The creation of this is attributed to Doña Rosa Real de Nieto, who accidentally discovered that ceramics could be polished with quartz stones, resulting in a smooth and shiny texture, we will have a demonstration of the elaboration of this material, and shopping time in the workshop of the famous Doña Rosa.


(minimum to operate 1 person)


  • Meal on the road (without drinks)
  • Transportation from your hotel and during the whole route
  • Tourism certificate guide
  • Travel insurance inside the unit
  • Tickets to visited sites



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