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DEPARTURE WITH DESTINATION TO THE ETLA MARKET, In Nahuatl language it means E-tlan: etl bean; tlan, abundant particle: (place where beans abound or place of frijolar, in the Zapotec language it is known as Loohvana) or place of maintenance making reference to the fertility and wealth that this region offered to our ancestors, we will visit the colorful aisles of this market , that only on Wednesdays is so colorful.

We continue visiting the San Agustín Arts Center, the San Agustín Arts Center, the first ecological arts center in Latin America, is committed to artistic training, creation and experimentation; Likewise, in its role as a public space, CASA defines itself as a plural forum that strengthens reflection and analysis. The CASA opened its doors to the public on March 21, 2006. Founded by Francisco Toledo, it is made up of a set of spaces provided for both professional creation and artistic initiation: it has spaces equipped for the production of digital graphics, traditional graphics, as well as textile dyeing and design workshops; Likewise, an ecological photographic development and printing center has been provided. In addition, the CASA offers the public a library with more than three thousand volumes, and computers with Internet access. Under the premise that interaction with people from different lands stimulates creativity, promotes tolerance and strengthens a community, the CASA, through six rooms located within its facilities, invites creators to carry out artistic residencies - giving priority to projects ecological and community service.

We continue with the visit to the Paper Factory, at 1700 meters above sea level is the old Vista Hermosa hydroelectric plant in San Agustín Etla, Oaxaca. Current headquarters of the Taller Arte Papel Vista Hermosa cooperative, better known since its founding as The Etla Paper Factory. Due in part, to the two textile factories - which, due to the abundance of water in the region - existed on the same site in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Initiative of the plastic artist, patron and cultural provocateur Francisco Toledo, the cooperative It stands out for being a community project, of artistic collaboration, ecological and self-sustaining.

A diferencia de otros del mismo tipo, en este lugar se elaboran las hojas de papel -hechas a mano, de diversos tipos y grosores- a partir de la extracción de fibras naturales de árboles, plantas, cortezas y flores de la zona (chichicastle, ixtle, majahua, amate, algodón blanco, coyuche y pochote, mano de león, lino, jonote, pita, piña, platanillo, mora y kenaf, entre otras), así como de otras partes del mundo. Incluso del gabazo, fibras del maguey agavero que se desechan en la producción del tequila. Todo, con el conocimiento suficiente de la flora local para evitar romper el equilibrio ambiental de su comunidad. Regreso a su Hotel.


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