From its ancient roots and colonial treasures to modern-day craftspeople, this city lives and breathes art and culture. And Oaxaca's museums brilliantly showcase it so you can easily take it all in.
We check out the ten best galleries and museums in Oaxaca in which to learn more about this fascinating region.

In the museums of Oaxaca you can find information about pre-hispanic Oaxaca, the arrival and influence of the Spanish Conquistadors, anthropological information about the various indigenous populations, and of course Oaxacan art.


The Regional Museum
Casa de la Ciudad
The Museum of the Casa de Juárez
The Rufino Tamayo Museum of Prehispanic Art
The Museum of Contemporary Art (MACO)
Graphic Arts Institute
Stamp Museum (MUFI)
Museum of Oaxacan Painters
Art Center of San Augustin
Bravo Photography Center